About Us - Diamond Studios

Diamond Studios – About Us

We are a team of cinematographers, photographers and film-makers. Our goal is to raise the bar in terms of what is possible with wedding films and wedding photos, but without ego, with meaning and effort. As what’s more enjoyable to be at, film and photograph than an event filled with love, romance, meaning and a party? It is not a bad thing to be doing - ‘spreading love’ through a film and photos now is it?

Our Philosophy & You

1. Cinematography – Your Expectations & Us

We want to produce beautiful work with creative camera work. This means we are not your average videographers or photographers. We want to try new things and push the bar in terms of what is possible with camera work, camera techniques and production equipment on a wedding day/event.

2. Quality – Your Production Matters

We want to produce work of a high standard and not just rush to just get your wedding film or photos out the door like a number. Do you want something great? We want to put the time, effort and creativity into your wedding film and/or photos they deserve.

3. Business with Kindness – Mutual Respect

This is not just another business transaction to us, as we are human too. We want you to know you are in capable hands… so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day/event. We want to develop friendships long-term.

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