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We understand how to film a Civil Wedding really beautifully, safely and creatively.

Civil Weddings are becoming more and more popular. We have filmed at well over 200 Civil Wedding venues and Castles in the UK and have also filmed Civil Weddings in Miami and France. Civil Wedding venues usually offer us more flexibility in terms of filming than other types of wedding venues.

We can film for you a beautiful civil wedding video at your perfect setting, with your spectacular backdrop for your wedding video. We have a variety of packages that can accommodate a variety of wedding budgets. We can film a beautiful 1 camera package or a grand production with 3-4 cameras and a crane. The choice is up to you.

We can produce a Civil Wedding video that is story-based or traditional. We can give you the option to film cinematically and at the same time capture the day so it reflects the day as it unfolds at the wedding venue.

Please call us if you want to watch a full civil wedding video.

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