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We love to film International Destination Weddings. Currently we have filmed at almost all of the UK’s top wedding venues, Trump International in Miami, as well as venues in France and also Italy.

There are so many incredible Destination Wedding venues around the world. As a highly skilled team of Cinematographers, we will film at any Destination wedding venue where something incredible is desired by our highly skilled team of Cinematographers. In our experience Destination weddings really encourage guests to relax and enjoy themselves more with the long weekend getaway, this often makes them not just incredible to be at, but incredible to film and photograph.

We can produce a Destination Wedding Video/Film that is story-based or traditional. We can give you the option to film your day/s cinematically and at the same time capture the days so they reflect the event as a whole.

What sets us apart is our ability to filmed Destination weddings cinematically with a variety of specialist production equipment that helps us to capture wedding days with incredible skill and creativity.

Please call us if you want to watch a full International wedding video.

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