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What is unique about us is our experience in filming and photographing all types of weddings and live events. As a team we have many years of experience between us and know how to film and photograph weddings safely, creatively and beautifully. We know how to film weddings from every culture. We know the challenges and we know the solutions to the challenges.

We have filmed African, Arabic, Cathedral, Chinese, Church, Civil, Gay, Greek, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Persian, Sikh and Russian weddings as well as other individual weddings that are just not the norm. We have filmed International Destination Weddings and also celebrity weddings. Nothing in terms of a wedding is going to faze us. However, today, with every wedding we film and photograph we have a very thorough checklist that we have refined over the years that supports you as a client and us as a company to get your day captured properly, without mistakes.

As a Team we have filmed at over 400 wedding venues around the world so we are not just experienced at filming different types of weddings, but experienced at filming different types of weddings at different venues! This experience has taken us a lot of time and effort to accumulate but gives us a lot of confidence as a Team. It is this experience that we use to help people who come to us to achieve better results with us.

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